Sand Volleyball Tournament AND The InSANDity Obstacle Course Race Happening at The Sandbox Sports Facility (3631 Gerard)


6x6 Co-Ed

2 females MINIMUM but no maximum of team players.


This one of a kind event is going down on Saturday, Sept. 14th.


Vball + Obstacle Course= Packed Facility. We'll start early!


Low tournament fee for your entire team. Let's GO!

Play Hard. Have Fun. Party After.

Imagine this - Obstacle course racers, sand volleyball players, a live DJ with *responsible* drinking (keg beer) and you've got an event worth talking about DAYS after it all went down.


This page is all about the Volleyball Tournament. If you want to also run the obstacle course, check out http://insandity.org to sign up.

Time of Event

8:30am to 3:30pm. Pool Play matches with final games starting at around 3pm.


ONE division only. Don't worry about ability level - just get out and PLAY!


After Pool play we will go into SINGLE elimination play-offs.

Team Limit

24 teams allowed MAX as there are 4 nets at the SandBox Sports Facility.

Where Is This Place?

We've got you covered with a map and directions below

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    Location: 3631 Gerard. El Paso, TX. 79938

These events are on the Far East of El Paso. We HIGHLY recommend just to search "El Paso Sandbox" as this is the correct directions on Google Maps.

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    Come Early - Space is Limited.

As we expect of upwards of 800+ people between sand volleyball players AND obstacle course racers come as early as you can to get the closest parking spots. As the day progresses, parking will only be available on the main streets surrounding The SandBox Sports Facility.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Have a Team Of ALL Girls?

Absolutely. You just can’t have a team with ALL guys.

Do You Give Out Prizes For First Place?

Yes. You just have to win to find out what it is. P.S. – It’ll be worth it to play your best.

Can I Play In The Tournament AND Run The Obstacle Course?

Of course and we encourage that you try it!  Just be aware that the course is 3 miles long so if you’ve got the endurance then go for it… There should be plenty of time to run it but you might miss part of your pool play games in the morning (that’s OK because the only games that count are afterwards in the single elimination round). Run times are every 30 minutes between 8am and 12pm.

Where Do I Sign Up For The Obstacle Course?

Just go to http://insandity.net and choose a time frame to run and you’ll be all set!


Obstacle Course